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Columns Suited for Environmental, Pharma Apps

Wed, 09/05/2012 - 11:25am
Agilent Technologies


AgilentAgilent Technologies’ J&W gas chromatography columns are designed for environmental and pharmaceutical applications. The additions expand the Agilent J&W family of columns, three of which are ultra-inert GC solutions. The column series includes: DB-UI 8270D Ultra Inert GC columns; DB-624UI Ultra Inert GC columns; DB-Select 624UI <467> GC columns; and DB-CLP1 & DB-CLP2 GC columns. The DB-UI 8270D Ultra Inert GC columns deliver enhanced peak-shape performance for active semi-volatile organic compounds targeted by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Method 8270D. With these, researchers can perform the most challenging environmental trace-level analyses with confidence. Convenient, economical multipacks are available for high-throughput labs in the U.S. DB-624UI Ultra Inert GC columns are optimized for fast analysis of volatile compounds, and are suited for environmental and chemical samples with unknown components. They deliver a high degree of column inertness for improved peak shape and linearity for the environmental industry. DB-Select 624UI <467> GC columns, engineered for analysis of residual solvents in pharmaceutical products, offer enhanced sensitivity and resolution for the critical pairs specified in U.S. Pharmacopeial Method <467>. DB-CLP1 and DB-CLP2 GC columns detect Contract Laboratory Program target pesticides, including organohalides, with enhanced resolution and low bleed. The DB-CLP columns are suited not just for EPA methods that specify electron capture detection, but for all CLP target pesticide methods. Both columns offer good resolving power, which simplifies lab operations and increases productivity. They cover nine EPA methods. Agilent Technologies Inc., 800–227–9770



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